Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Indian Media - Curse for Nation

media covers only what sells. media is not showing any responsibility towards nation. media can even sell nation for money.

media keep on blaming these politicians, police etc. but where it stands. media is doing one of the biggest corruption by mis-guiding public.

media is always used to do negative publicity & media is always used to highlight those all topics which is making negative impact on citizen's mind.

media is interested only in the below kinda news:

--Ash n abhisekh saga is on for nearly 6 months
--SRK n Amitabh fightin
--a boy in a pit, shown for more than 24hours live in many channels
--2gals, intrude into PM's house just upto 1st gate, many channels showed this for about 2-3days
--Mika kisses Rakhi... a sensational news
--cricket is always on top of it if therez no news
--PAge 3 news such as wat they eat , drink etc...

media cover these type of news in the filmy style to attract people who dont watch news channels for information but for entertainment only. in this way they leave away imp news frm public

thr r 24 hrs in a day. media can cover 100s of news in this time. but media keep on repeating 2-3 news for whole 24 hrs. and these 2-3 news r most of the time just useless

daily we are reading regarding murder & theft on the first page...

but the prob is thr is no media to tell abt media

what media should do

when ever a gr8! example of good communal relation, gathering between two various communities will occurs in some part of country, media will barely cover it in their news.

media should spread awareness in public towards sports and other fields where we r weak.

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