Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bermuda Triangle

since last september,but i din't find anything unusual...
Anyways, i've my own theory on Bermuda triangle mystery which i'd like to share with you all...
my theory goes like:
most of the things reported abt the triangle (reliable ones, as 18th & 19th century were times, where kind of knowledge of the seas comes often 'enriched' with stories by sailors!) were around world war & upto 60's...
i mean americans r famous for using all possible/available tricks whn it comes to their military aspects & those were times of either world war or cold war...
now, tell me if there's any incidences that happened in 80's or later than that (incidences means, so many of them, unusual ones & unlike in other parts of the world) - nothing significant right?!!
what i mean is US govt &/or defense had just let the hoax go popular as it was protecting a part of their frontier, that's all
(also, sailors r supposed to be caught very fast with superstitions, & old times like 18th & 19th century, fr where the story got its head-up, it was time with no GPS & satellite radio, also times where europeans targeting mexico - check the link below - no doubt the myth help keeping other lusty people out of their bounty of mexican/maya/aztec gold!!)
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