Monday, March 30, 2009

Angry India??

This is my India.

Abdul Nasseer Madani is Secular.
Varun Gandhi is Communal.

Afzal Guru is a Patriot.
Bhagat Singh, Purohit, Sadhvi are Terrorists.

SIMI and Indain Mujahiddhin are Social Service Organisations.
RSS and VHP are Terrorist Organisation.

Godhra Incident was an Accident.
Gujarat Riots were Pre Planned.

Five Muslims died in Malegaon Blast were Important.
Thousands died in Other Blasts were Crap.

Reservations for Muslims.
Blasts for Hindus.

Crores of Rupees Subsidies for Haj Pilgrimage.
Nothing for Amarnath Pilrimage, not even Land for Infrastructure.

Supporting Islamic Terrorists is Secularism.
Killing Indians is Patriortism.

Babri Masjid is a Big Issue.
Hundreds of Hindu Temples Demolished is Development.

Bangladeshi Muslims are Citizens of India.
Kashmiri Pandits are Refugees in India.

To Ask in which College of Engineering, Rama studied to construct Rama Sethu is Patriotism.
No One to Ask in which College of Law, Mohammad studied to write Shariyat is Secularism.

Allah is God.
Rama is Fictional Character.

To support Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus is Terrorism.
To support Pakistani, Afgani, Iraqi, Philistini Muslims is Secularism.


  1. another f**cked up maniac..

  2. ram and and allah never existed, simi is no Social Service Organisations, you must be a fool to say so. and..Supporting Islamic Terrorists is Secularism, this is the most stupidiest statement i have read so far. madani and varun gandhi, they are both communal pricks...

  3. Well said brother .. truth is always bitter
    Let us hope this time we see the right picture