Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Am I Alive?

The answer my friends is in the 98% of our locked brain..The day we will decode the lock..We all will know everything that haunts mankind..Who has the code..? Aliens?

Why really dont I know which muscles I'm moving when I'm typing this..How do I know which group of muscles should my neurons stimulate in order to move my finger to type..I know not..! I know though that I have to type..And my neurons themselves do it..! is the 2% of my brain power that recognizes this anomaly..

Its a battle of 2% versus the 98%..! It is the battle between me & ME..!!

This all will sound very complex to a complex mind..but simple enough to a simple mind..I just got these thoughts when I was studying Human Anatomy in med school..I always wondered why do I have to learn about myself from the book..!

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