Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shane McConkey Dead. Shane McConkey Dies Photos. McConkey Dies in an accident.

It's a Developing Story:
I first saw the few lines
ESPN was Reporting:
The big mountain skier & BASE jumper Shane McConkey was killed in a ski--BASE accident in the Italian Dolomites.....

Shane McConkey experienced very severe problems in the air after launching off a cliff with the expectation of deploying his parachute canopy & then gliding down it to the Earth....

Shane McConkey was Filming 
Matchstick Productions and Red Bull when the incident occured.

Shane McConkey Instantly died
on impact with snow on the ground below the cliff when he was trying it to launch for deploying the parachute canopy downt to earth..

How did Shane McConkey Die?
Shane McConkey The Legend in Pro Free Skier was declared dead.
It is said Shane McConkey Met an BASE jumping Accident in Italy Today...
Shane McConkey Was A Brilliant Person.
Now this Legend is no more..
Really Hard To Believe.
Very Disturbing to Read the phrases

 shane mcconkey died,

 shane mcconkey dead,

 shane mcconkey death

,shane mcconkey dies,

 mcconkey dies.. 

An Intro On Shane McConkey:

Name of the Person::: Shane McConkey...
Nickname:::: Cliff Huckstable
Current Residence:::: Squaw Valley, CA
Hometown::::: Aptos, CA
Date Of Birth: December 30, 1969
Skis which he uses: K2 Pontoon..
Boots which he uses: Nordica..
Outerwear: Sessions
Bindings: Marker Duke

Goggles which he uses: Oakley
who are the Sponsors?

Some Words By Mike Libecki..

Shane was a wonderful person. I went to Baffin with him and watched him rule Sam Ford Fjord. I was inspired to say the least, not only by his skills, but his qualities of being human. I am truly saddened, truly.
Mike Libecki

Also See ESPN reports On Shane McConkey's Death.

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