Saturday, March 7, 2009

Response: Youngsters in SMK period???"

Sex was easily available to youngsters in SMK period???

According to you, females who stands on footpaths of MG road,Majestic, and in many prime areas and calls youngsters (seen only during BSY 's rule ,who were not at all seen during SMK's period ) are from highly cultured and traditional society ...and its very difficult for youngsters to get them...? :(

forget about females, just recall in whose rule Hidjas are running each and every road in bangalore and forcably extracting money from inncoent civilians...? SMK's or BSY's rule?.....

Dear Bengalooru friends , In BSY's rule namma benagaluru completely turned out to be an "crime city" or "HIJDA city" or "PROSTI's city" from "IT CITY"

IF anyone here has real concern about bengalooru, please think seriously about these issues and work from your heart to completely wipe out this kind of bad elements from the society.. instead of doing cheap politics... we will make our city free from open prostitution and HIDJA's begging on street and every circle...

DEAR SMK here is my vote for you.. only you can make bengalooru- not only the better but the best....!!!! sure i will there in Bangalore south to campaign you, if it is really confirmed...

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