Thursday, March 26, 2009

Newton's 3rd Law Not Valid!

As u know, IIIrd law of motion says that for every action(force), there is equal and opposite reaction.

Now let us understand how and when Newton's IIIrd Law can be voilated:

Suppose two bodies "A" and "B" come in contact with each other.
In that case, the contact will lead to transfer of force from A to B (or vice versa).

Now, there is a subtle point here. Every force takes some time to get transmitted. So, if 
by any chance, A and B remain in contact with each other for a time which is less than 
the time for the force to get transmitted between A and B, it essentially means there is 
no reaction, though both the bodies came in contact with each other.

This is a violation of Newton;s IIIrd law of motion..

For details, please see Berkeleys Physics book.

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