Saturday, March 21, 2009

Amisha Patel Now In Politics

In Response to Amisha Contesting from Rajkot in lokasabha elections. Responses were like this:

one says:
Most Political Parties are fielding stars as their candidates, obviously a stupid choice
but who will bell the cat.
Any commoner would know, that such stars would pay heed to their star careers first then political career, we all know what was done by Govinda, no other star leader has really fared well other than Sunil Dutt but he had joined when his acting career was fading away. There may be few others too, but they are EXCEPTIONS!

another says:
daro mat

flop hi rahegi

another says:
She is a gold medalist in Economics from London.

Avik Says:

must say ncp has guts
well if she gets elected ppl of rajkot are surely gonna suffer some lazy lamhes

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