Saturday, March 7, 2009

SM Krishna to Contest from Bangalore South

Abhishek Starts The Conversation

am wid Mr Krishna., 
for sure all kannadiga
s knows (specially youth) that he is an asset as a politician.... amazing contribution towards making B'lore an IT hub......, amazing infrastructural development in his region......... the man rocks...!!!!!!!
besides all he had an amazing role as the governor of Maharashtra... he truely deserves the Hot-seat and count my vote for him.......

Another Replies

amazing role as the governor of Maharashtra

not exactly ,he was seen in karnataka to attend a ceremony at the slightest chance.Besides he was never inclined for the governor post ,he was pushed out at the behest of dg gowda ,who had formed the holy govt with Congress then.

He wanted to leave the governors job and be in karnataka which he did eventually when assembly polls was held in karnataka.

I am not saying it is wrong to attend functions in karnataka ,but certainly not be in a neighbouring state at the throw of the hat,it doesnt speak well of the governor's chair

Some one says

by watching the following movie.

Kumarswamy ditching Dharam singh and joining hands with Yeddi becoming CM on 20-20 basis

Later again kumarswamy ditching Yeddi and not transferring the power to BJP

Then Sympathy votes, and Yeddi became the CM

& blah ... blah ... blah ...

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