Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Maronic Media

Some One Says:

food for thought 24 hour news channels:

1. Why do we have increased frequency of seeing shahrukh, aamir, aishwarya (not to forget Rakhi Sawant, Mallika Sherawat, Neha Dhupia and Riya Sen) in news channels ?

2. Why media nowadays is flooded with some senseless surveys like sexual prefrences, best kissing scenes in Bollywood and God knows what else.

3. Why sting operations are ALWAYS targeted at one political party ?

4. Why one's personal life become "breaking news" for the nation ?

5. Why it always persecution of minority by majority is 'black day for secularism' but not so if it was other way round ?

6. Why we have half an hour shows for Jhoom Brabar Jhoom, john abraham etc on news channels

Vishal Says:

I agree that Media has lost its sense of objectivity and rationality.

I guess the new News X channel is very neutral and objective without giving judgment on any issue and leave it to viewers + the tabloid entertainment news are less and real news are more.

I also see good sports news including extensive coverage of other football leagues apart from EPL like my favorite German Bundesliga and others like la liga, Series A etc.

I have become regular viewer of News X.

Angry Himanshu Replies to Some One:

Whats the point behind having a discussion on this topic?
If you do not like the Electronic Media then do not watch it!!!

The content of news that media shows is driven by market forces.
If the media feels that they have a market for Rakhi Sawant and Raja Chowdhry then they will show it!!

If you are so concerned about their content then try starting your own channel or join one of the existing one and try to bring about a change from inside!!

The Tale Of Maronic Media Ends!!:)

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