Saturday, March 14, 2009

Google Effect: India Loses A Part of Kashmir

Google's India Map:

The Actual India Map:

Well, The Above Picture shows the Actual Map of India. Even a small kid Knows it.
The Most Favorite part of the Map is Head Part (j&k) region. 
Seems like Google doesn't even know the basics. 
They have removed a part of Jammu and Kashmir from the Map!
Yes, It's True.

Ask Me, Where is the proof?

Here I go,
I was checking My Blog's Visitors Stats Using Google Analytics.

Curiously I Just zoomed into Indian Map. just to know from where the visitors are coming.
I was surprised to see...
The head part of India(J&k) is almost Gone!
Google Analytics shows the Map of India Which is Deformed...

Google Please Correct Ur Mistakes.. A sincere request!
Jai Ho! 

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