Monday, June 8, 2009

What would you do to make india a better world ?

If you have given a chance to do something for india, then whatt u would do
to make india a better world ?

Even today in India (Both City and rural villages) we dont have Basic Sanitation facilities, I see people going out in open places (Women too) to answer their natural call, People do not get water to have a clean bath every day, Hygenic drinking water is still a distant dream even to urbanites. With ever growing population we need to adress this problem first, by providing toilets and bathing centres at every villages.

An awarness to keep our surroundings clean will arise only when we ourselves are clean, a clean environment around us will lead us to think positively, and a positive mind do not have boundaries and their achievements will inturn create a good society and a great nation.

I would like to quote the example of Tibetians living in India. They are basically refugees in India, they were given some uncultivable forest land to cultivate and to live, today they are one of the best farmers with good yield and have created a better living conditions, their setellments are very clean and hygenic, they live happily in their setellements and they are far better-off than our rural flok's, and their socio-economic conditions are also better than our fellow country men. (some thing to ponder upon).

My first thrust would be to provide a clean environment & healthy living conditions to our rural folks. This will inturn reduce migration of our rural folks to cities and a chain of problems arising out of it will be stopped.

Further educate the rural folk by bringing out a policy to guide them what to grow and when to grow, minimise use of chemicals and encourage use of natural fertilizers and minerals to cultivate., Teach them the proper utilization of rain water and restoration of lakes, then finally provide them a suitable market to sell their products and get good returns for their hard work.

(When more than 60% of our population live in rural India, our developmental package should include them, not in form of Loan Wavering, but by making them proud by enabeling them to earn and repay their loans).

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