Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bing Background Image (WallPaper) on June 10. Preikestolen.

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Everyday, Bing Updates Its BackGround Image in its Home Search Page.
I really liked this move from Bing. It Tempts me to Check The BackGround Image Everyday when i get connected to internet..
I just Type in My address Bar.. and will wait just for a second, This Sweet Bing Surprises Me Each Day With Its Cool Awesome Picture..

This Is The Image What They Have Put up on 10 June 2009!

I have Clipped Image Along With The Search Box Too!
Here is The Picture:

About The Background Image "Preikestolen":
Preikestolen is a massive Cliff in Forsland of Norway.
You Can Get More Information on
Preikestolen here

Copy rights of Image is owned by:
Doug Pearson/Jon Arnold Travel/Photolibrary.

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