Monday, June 8, 2009

Bing is supersweet!

Bing is supersweet! I'm a big skeptic. But I've been very impressed with the speed and completeness of answers so far. My favorite thing is that when I use bing for a bit, and then go try google again, google looks so... old and dated. One thing I use a lot of in google that isn't present in bing are the unit conversions. But as I was writing this message, I thought to myself, "really? would they miss that?" so I did a quick search "alt+d ? bing unit conversion" (gotta love the keyboard shortcuts for a new search), and sure enough I found several tips on how to do unit conversions in bing.

But here's the problem. I'm lazy.

if I enter "67 kilograms in pounds", then it gives my my answer. But in Google, I can enter "67kg=lbs" or anything resembling that kind of equation. The trick I didn't know was that in bing, you have to say "in".

So, thinking back a long time ago, back to the days of word2.0... It had a feature that allowed die-hard-loyal fans of WordPerfect to use all the commands from WordPerfect - directly in Word. I could use all my "slash commands" from WordPerfect even though I was using Word. It made the transition trivial for me, and enjoyable because Word had so many cool new features in it, but, don't forget, I'm lazy, so I didn't want to learn *how* to get to the features I already knew.

Please, please... add the ability for me to easily do in bing what I already am trained to do in google.

And please, keep up the great work you guys are doing!!!


  1. Also try bing video search, I'm sure you will love it

  2. Nice one algorithms are updated these days