Friday, June 12, 2009

Bing Background Image The Strip( Los Vegas,Nevada) on June 12

bing wallpaper los vegas

Photo Courtesy:
Las Vegas Nevada--Reiner Riedler/ Anzenberger Agency/ Jupiter Images

Bing Background image The Strip(Los Vegas, Nevada)
Here is The Bing Wallpaper Which has been put up on Bing Search Homepage on June 12th of 2009.
A Very High Quality Picture, A Pyramid Emitting Light at Its Tip is so pleasent to watch.
In The Home Page The Bing Describes on the Picture with a pop up type Tags.
As Seen from Space, The City of Los Vegas is the brightest metropolitan area on Planet Earth.
And Also It Suggests You The Link Aliens May Invade Here
It Also Says That Los Vegas is nowadays famous for casinos rather than gambling. And Tells You To Check This Link cirque du soleil vegas .
It also asks you the question What Does Los Vegas Look Like
and a quick link Depends on Your Casino which directs to Bing Maps
It Also Describes in Home Page That
People of Los Vegas Think Only of Onething

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Bing Background Image with Search Box

bing wallpaper

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