Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Google knows "Bing Webmaster" better than Bing!! Bing Fails

Yeah Its True!
I was just thinking of submitting my webpage url to bing.. so i searched for "bing webmaster" in our brand new "bing decision engine" . Since Bing Webmaster is obviously a product of Bing, I thought It should result in Rank1 of search result when i search something like bing webmaster.

LoL! This Never Happened!

Bing Never Discovered (decided) whether to show its product Bing Webmaster!
hahaha! really it happens! just search for bing webmaster in your bing decision engine! it absolutely shows this stupid shit!

bing failure

It is Absolute Failure, Is it not?? Bing Cannot find its own product! How can it search the whole web then! ROFL!

Let Us See what happens when we search for "Bing Webmaster" in Google..
Here We Go This is the Result!

Wow! Google Searched Bing's Product so fastly!
How is this possible! Google is aware of Bing's Product But Bing Never Know about Bing's own product Bing Webmaster!

Check Google's Search on Bing Webmaster

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  1. hey i just started exploring bing ... and damn this is an interesting insight.

    BINGo, by now i think bing has heard you... so check for bing webmaster again and you'll see

  2. NOW Bing have corrected that.... it will search now....

  3. Anything that installs itself and then makes it so hard to get it off yourcomputer is a VIRUS and Bing is that. With out a by your leave I woke up with Bing as my Firefox address bar search engine and can not find away to remove it. Microsoft has become a HACKER site. Generating Trojan search hijacker programs and distributing it with MSN, Hotmail, and their messenger application. Death to Microsoft. All should rise up and uninstall as much Microsoft software as you can live without.