Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Apple iPhone @99$=4710Rs [DISCUSSION @INDIA]

Apple just announced at WWDC 2009 that the 8GB iPhone 3G will stay on the market for $99
Is iPhone Good?
Why It is not popular in india??

I have seen everyone using same old nokia phones in India...
want some change!

Go for Blackberry bold

what is the cost of blacberry bold??


but u wont get for that price in India

the price wud be around 2-4 times more in india..

the price wud be around 2-4 times more in india..

Why is that so???
are we selling nano car @2,00,000 or 4,00,000 Rs Outside India??

err, that $99 will be under 3 year contract !!
it will be 3-4 times more in India !!

3g (3rd generation) is the new tech. in mobile communication. it will support all advance multimedia features, like we can see the person to whom I am talking simultaneously.for that we need advanced hand sets which support these advanced features and some time past airtel had launched 3g sets but it was costing around 30k so didnt get success.............
3g network need much more bandwidth.

lets hope we will soon enjoy 3g phones with affordable cost.

Why is that so???
are we selling nano car @2,00,000 or 4,00,000 Rs Outside India??

nano is shit....
it wont have any buyers abroad....
yea u can try it to porkies they will probably mount a machine gun on it and
make it a tank

I guess
Nano Car will be lil bit expensive if its sold outside India !! .. but India's duties/taxes on foreign goods makes it expensive !! ... ... and

and if its not under any Contract ! sop... it will be more expensive

Apple Iphone major disadvantage u cnt use bluetooth like normal
this was the major reason i bgt nokia 5800 yesterday itself

cut off that shit.....and wait for sonyericssons Satio and Aino.....with 12.1 and 8 megapixel cams.....functions more than iphone...


iPhones are sold tied with network. People in US are used to buy handsets tied with operators, as US is a CDMA country. India being a GSM country, we are used to buying handsets and connections separately, and we can use any operator's SIM in our handsets. To do the same with iPhone, it needs to be hacked. That's why its still not popular in India.

yep dude... they are coming up with new version iphone 3G S.... and i tell u iPhone 3g rocks.. i have been using since almost an year now.. its really very very cool.. u wud luv it... well.. in india may be we ain't have 3g coverage.. and lot of features we dun generally use in india.. or the features we use in india like text msg forwarding wasn't there in earlier iphone.. also there was no video recording in earlier one.. but apart frm that.. they have got this iPhone kit.. so developers from all over the world develope iPhone applications... and some applications are jus amazing.. and may be its not popular in india bcos of prize.. here we get it for like 199 $ and in india u gotta pay may be 20+ thousand Rs... i guess when Apple launched iPhone, steve jobs had told iPhone prize wud b same all over the world... but dunno why its not same in india.. anyway.. i would really say .. iPHone is juz amazing and most powerful phone in the world right now :)

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