Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bing Wallpapers are Stunning. Bing Background Image Collection.

The One Good Reason Why You Need to use Bing Search Engine, (I'm Sorry Bing Decision Engine) is that to check all new high quality photos which they update each day. I Think The Wallpaper what they put in Search Page Varies from Region to region. I live in India and My Bing Collection May Not Match with Other Country/Region's Collection. I have a collection of all these wallpapers and i missed some cool pictures(forgot to save it).. I will Compile It Later and Publish Here..
Presently I have These Bing Background Images.

Helped Me In Getting These Images.
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You Can Also See Todays Bing Wallpaper(June 10) Here

Updated Bing WallPapers:
Here We Go, Just Now I got all Remaining Bing Background Images:

Bing Background Whales
Above Picture: Whales, Perrine DougVPacific StockVPhotolibrary

Bing Wallpaper, Water Drops
Above Picture: Water Drops, Shari L. MorrisVPhotolibrary

Bing Light House Wallpaper
Above Picture:Light House, Gerhard SchulzVPhotolibrary

Bing Background image Chocolate Hills, Bing Wallpaper
Above Picture: Chocolate Hills, Per-Andre HoffmanVPicture PressVPhotolibrary

Bing Wallpapers, Brittany,
Above Picture: Brittany, Thompson PaulVPhotolibrary

Here I have Got Few More Stunning Bing WallPapers::

 Bing Wallpaper River Walk, Persa Street Bridge
Above Picture: River Walk, Persa Street Bridge, San Antonio River Walk-- Richard CumminsVEncyclopedia Standard RMVCorbis

 Bing Background image Old Town, Old Town Square, Prague

Above Picture: Old Town, Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic-- Jon Arnoldld

Bing Wallpaper Florence, Ponte Vecchio Duomo cathedral on Arno River in Florence, Italy
Above Picture: Florence, Ponte Vecchio Duomo cathedral on Arno River in Florence, Italy -- Chad EhlersVPhotolibrary

Bing Image Floating Market, Damnoen Saduak floating market, Thailand , Bing Wallpaper

Above Picture: Floating Market, Damnoen Saduak floating market, Thailand -- Jay

Bing Background Image D-Day, France,
Above Picture: D-Day, France, Calvados, Omaha beach, one of the beaches of the Normandy landings during the Second World War -- Bertland Rieger Vhemis.frVGetty Images

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