Friday, June 5, 2009

Obama-mania over?? (Indian Context)

Many of our indian frendz were so excited on Obama coming into power ..
now after nearly 5 months of his tenure..
US under obama has been quite ambiguous towards their policy towards India.

On the other hand a pro- pakistan outlook is certainly on US cards again.

So how has the US-India relations shaped up during the last 5 months.
Were there any positive signs.?? (indian context)

I think Obama is anti-india, First he gave huge aid to pakistan(where most of the terrorists live), by which he is indirectly encouraging terrorism and also he is making bad publicity saying india is not safe place to visit.
Then why is hillary is coming to india next month. Tell her to go back as their president said india is not safe place.
Obama is a dick headed person.

Good orators don't impress me. I never liked Obama from the beginning. :|

he was just an hype... ppl who dont know anything abt him were praising him from India and wishing him that he should become US president .

Obama mania is over in US also !

And our so called "Indian news channels" are busy covering his antics. I bet the next time they'll show Obama shitting in his toilet in the White House.

firstly is thought he may be good and smart man....
but he proved me wrong....he is fool....and muslim boot licker............
he is Obama bin Laden........

Low IQued Bush was much better

Bush is a hero compared to Barrack Assaama

Bush invaded Irag for Oil
now tht oil is abt to end but Obama dnt hv guts to fight anyone now.. so he begging for friendship frm rich muslim countries.

At the end of the day he will be a big disappointment in US history. Except being black he don't have any other quality to become U.S president.
He is Muslim pro.He is trying to be friend of all anti indian countries, pro indian countries to turn them against us and he wants to make india alone.

i think we shud get close to russia, north korea and others in same category. tab hi thoda darega osama ka bhai obama

Barack Obama is the most over rated head of government in the recent memories of the world.Even after more than 5 months in power he failed to achieve what he intended to.

1)Sanctions of huge monitary funds(TARP) to crisis hit companies which further increased the greediness and heaviheadedness of the CEO’s involved(more than 30% of the bailout were used as bonuses to CEO’s.

2)Granting huge amount of dollars to the Pakistani administration which is surely gonna be used against India following the footsteps of his predecessors.(Even an baby knows that)

3)Failed to contain the growing economic depression which resulted in millions of job cuts.

4)Trying to deceive the muslim world by mere verbal criticism of Israel’s policies.

The Bubble has Burst…….

What are Your Views??? Do You Agree with what Indians Say???

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