Friday, June 5, 2009

ORKUT is acting Weired :x orkut not working june 5 2009

Orkut Bug:
am not able to post from any of my profile using FireFox and IE :x
r u guys facing similar problem , is orkut trying to project Chrome this way ??

i'm using Chrome only. it wasnt working with Chrome too. for last 2 hrs i wasnt able to see any of my information. just plain blue page with Orkut on the head.

Ya... This prob started around 3.00pm(IST)... i cant open in my FF r IE...
But... glad its now working in FF..... :)

i too had trouble logging in.. :-s

It wasn't working with Chrome, IE or Opera. Then I cleared the cache and cookies in Chrome and everything works just fine.

guys it was the same thing that happened in Europe yesterday.. upgradation or maintenance is happening...
for more than 12 hours i was not able to logon..
today i found that there is some change in the look and feel of orkut..
so tomoro u pl may see that..
also, the look and feel change is not implemented for all users.. slowly they will start implementing it..

it's ploy by google to make people download and use chrome...
at least they get all these orkut users to use their chrome,
I don't think it managed to make a big impact in the browser world
so they are doing this
PS: this is my theory, I could be wrong...
If I were Chrome's CTO that's what I would have done

clear temporory files!
it worked good for sometime after clearing..
again some problem

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