Monday, June 8, 2009

Orkut Rejecting Captcha While Posting Any Links

I am experiencing a very different problem in orkut these days.
I use orkut more than any social networking sites.. I have Connected with almost all my friends in orkut. And Participating in Various Orkut Communities is my routine..

I sometime need to post some links or images in Orkut for (so i copy the required url from address bar and paste it on my post)
once i choose to submit my post. It shows me to a distorted letters called as "CAPTCHA"
CAPTCHA is a Program Which It Distinguishes Human from Computer Generated Program (or Bots)..CAPTCHA is adopted by Orkut to Stop Spammers who continuously Spam using Posting Program..
CAPTCHA acts as shield against SPAM..
well, If I am Human I must Be able to Recognize those patterns!
Yeah I am Human For Sure!
Orkut Still Rejecting My Submissions..

Though I carefully read CAPTCHA and fill in that in a given blank... it shows me an error message and asks me to fill the CAPTCHA again!
Is This Complete CAPTCHA failure??

Or Am I Not a Human????

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