Monday, June 1, 2009

Bing FeedBack:Some Views ,Thoughts and Feedback on Bing Search Engine

Some Views ,Thoughts and Feedback on Bing Search Engine:

Cannot refine search by date for anything. I use this feature all the time on Google, and I would have thought this to be a standard "advanced search" feature. Please consider adding it in the Advanced Search mode as it's a glaring omission.

- I miss not being able to use the '-' and '|' keywords that I use w/ Google. Instead, I have to use the longer layman keywords, "NOT" and "OR". This may sound minor, but why not make it an easier transition for Google users by adding these optional keywords?... Read More

- I wish you would place the "News" link at the top of the Search page. It's listed on the main page initially but not after the initial search is performed.

As a side note, I honestly can't tell if the search results are any more helpful than Google. It will be interesting to see what some of the industry benchmarks indicate


xRank is cool, but you could do SOOOO much more with it. For instance, you could allow the graph to show two or more search queries. An example would be "Kobe Bryant" and "Lebron James" could represent each query on the same graph but with differently colored lines. This would allow a curious user to see who has been receiving more search queries.

Lastly, you provide no meaningful metric to the Y axis of the xRank graph. I suppose I can see why you omit this information as it would give your competitors insight into the popularity of your search engine, but it's not like industry experts don't already have ways of obtaining that information. So, why not add it? As a user, it would be cool to know how many queries there were for a given search term on a given day.

These suggestions just scratch the surface of what you can do with xRank. You could do so much more to make it useful instead of mildly interesting...

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