Monday, June 1, 2009

Is it true that Senegal has found wreckage from Air France. Confirm, please!

Twitter worried Status Messages Shared Across The Globe on Air France Flight 447 Tragedy..
I am completely spooked by the disappearance of Air France Flight 447. Sadly, this won't play out like the fictional Oceanic Flight 815.

My heart goes out to the passengers on Air France that lost their lives today. Life is a gift! Live it to its fullest!

Ships, choppers search for Air France plane: 2 Jun 2009

I am honestly torn up about this Air France flight. Please pray for all involved!

Media: I need you to stop referring to Air France has "lost". Families of those victims do not want to hear that. Very scary/sad. PRAY

Air France has probably crashed into the Atlantic,and people are talking abt how this tragedy is so like 'Lost'?

thinking about the families that are affected by the Air France plane disappearence.

"Air France" How can this even happen? A whole plane missing??/

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