Thursday, July 9, 2009

Google Chrome Hates Orkut : WTF

Google Chrome is on The News.
Google Chrome OS is trending on Twitter since 2 days...
What Ever Google Does is GOLDEN i read somewhere when i come across the Announcement of Google Chrome OS this week!

here i am not writing on Google Chrome OS... I gonna write on Dirty Performance of Google Chrome Browser!
When i say Dirty! it is!
Google Chrome Browser is such a bad invention by Google! Yeah, I am Straight in delivering this statement!
That's What Thousands of Orkut User say... Google Chrome Sucks Sucks and Sucks!

It has been almost 3 months, when i came across a serious bug in Orkut when used on The Google Chrome... I have reported the problem to Google and have posted the problem details in my post

Orkut Rejecting Captcha While Posting Any Links

Yes It Happens in Google Chrome and ONLY in Google Chrome... Orkut works well in Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and whatever browser except GOOGLE CHROME! you cannot pass Orkut Captcha if You are on GOOGLE CHROME! There are millions of People across the globe who uses orkut and when they use orkut on Google Chrome, The result is the repeated error messages : THE TEXT YOU ENTERED DID NOT MATCH THE TEXT SHOWN. Try Passing The Captcha for 1000 times, It still returns you the same message!! AMAZINGLY, This problem Exists from 3 months! Absolute Failure of GOOGLE CHROME!

why this problem only on chrome? not on other browsers?? This question has to be answered by google! And When We Contact Google Chrome Help Centre The answers are so Stupid!
Have A look at it!

Shameless Google Chrome Help Centre:

Have a look at This screenshot

There are Thousands of People who are reporting This Bug!
100 days! and no action taken yet!
This The Story Of World's Most Famous and Emerging Browser Google Chrome!

There are Thousands of Unanswered Threads in Google Chrome Help Centre
Have a look at some Discussions:

Google Code Discussion Thread

Many Captcha Issues:

after all What Google Can do is , just put advertisements everywhere and ask us to "download Google Chrome"!
They Dont even Care Damn About Google Chrome Users!
Well The Bug is still on!
Have a look at this screen shot, when i post a link in orkut!!

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