Thursday, July 30, 2009

MSN- Yahoo Deal Will it Affect Google?

It will take time for microsoft to take over google Search market.

Yahoo clutter + Microsoft unusability will not equal the ingeniousness that is Google.

Hard to beat google.
ppl can beat google in US or UK.
not in "world" stage.

Google has 65% of users and yahoo has 19%, MSN has 8.4% and other search engine is 7%.
After this deal they have to work on their stratgy (yahoo & MSN)
So it will take more time.
Where as bing is not giving relevant results.
So don't think they can give a threat to google

might be
no one thought firefox could take away this much market share away from IE the day it was launched
it depends on the quality n innovativeness of service they give
i think bing search is good as of now n the option u get will hovering to the right side of a search result is great

ya somewhere it would effect but not so soon
it will take 1-2years to give some effect on results table but yes it will be seen on google's result for sure

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