Friday, July 24, 2009

Orkut to take over Facebook

A few days back one of the users have put up an interesting question to the orkut team "why do you hear the name face book in many of the english movies and why not orkut?" and "why the celebrities would only like to prefer facebook to orkut? - what makes the difference?"

Well at that time I don't have any answers to tell him but now feel glad to post this out. As my status reads - "Future prediction of the day:- Orkut going to take over facebook " that what you are hearing is in fact true

What new on orkut?

->Advanced support system to solve your orkut problems in no time.

If you have never been to the orkut Help Forum then you ought to take a look at it for once. Unlike the other help forums we provide solutions to your orkut problems in no time. You can try comparing it out with any of the other sites and see the difference

P.S:- Some of the typical problems requires the involvement of top contributers and orkut guides to solve out the issue. I am quite contented with friendly approach of the new orkut guides and encourage you to keep bringing up the new issues I assure you that we have been looking up at each and every issue posted at the help center there

->Increase of safety & security and privacy features over orkut

Now you don't need to worry abt the fake profiles anymore! we have been turning down all the suspected profiles and locking up their profiles so as to keep the orkut clean and more beautiful than ever :)

P.S:- We have made quite a few changes to the currently existing policies on orkut:-

a)Creation of fake profiles are no more an illegal issue You can create as many profile on orkut as you would like to! but subjected to the fact that we would lock over all those profiles if we find any unusual activity being carried out through it

b)Unlike frm your past experiences Now feel assured that we will remove all the profiles or communities which have been violating the ToS. We will review your complaints and respond through email in 15 days. However if you don't get a response in 15 days and feel that injustice has been done then you can forward me the issue with necessary details such as

Link of the profile/community you are reporting:-
Complete details regarding the reported content with link pointing out the violation of the topic from help center:-

For example if you are reporting about the profile regarding the usage of nude/porn pictures as profile display make sure to include the same in the details along with the link of the help topic forum

Details:-Nudity or Sexually Explicit Material

P.S:-I don't respond to posts regarding impersonation or copyrighted issues and all the reports are meant to be done via report abuse option on orkut profiles. Also as my display picture would read out "Did you search first?", always make sure to check out the orkut help center[] first before asking out a query

->Introduction of regular Updates which will never keep you feel "orkut is boring"

We have been occasionally introducing the new updates on orkut and would keep on moving a head so as to make your orkut experiences even better

A few of the Updates that have been introduced recently:-

3.1Introduction of "automatic face detection" system on orkut albums ;)

3.2Introduction of rating system to rank the existing orkut applications

3.3Introduction of orkut promote feature to show up your ads on other orkut profiles :D

3.4Turning down the ability of the users to post scraps containing anonymous links as a matter of safety and security policy over orkut.(Well the orkut team may choose to turn down this feature in the later updates as per the user interests but I personally feel that it is necessary so as to prevent users frm getting exposed to phishing links)

->Fixing of the existing bugs from time to time so as to keep moving a head :)

I am glad to inform you that we(the orkuteers) have been working out colleberately with the orkut guides since the last week to keep fixing the existing bugs to make your orkut experiences even better. A few of the recently fixed out issues :-

4.1.Users are unable to add videos from the youtube site

Details:-Please enter a valid YouTube url.

4.2.Users are sometimes unable to scrap the users not present in their friend list or if their posts contain links/basic orkut smileys that are prescirbed by the orkut.

Details:-"The content you're posting looks like spam, so it's being sent to the recipient's spam folder. Surprised? Keep your computer clean by running an anti-virus program. You can get one with the Google Pack"

4.3.Users are unable to send scraps to their friends.

Details:-"Posting to this user has been temporarily disabled"

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