Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Orkut versus Facebook: What Indians Say?

Facebook For Indians:
We all know, In India The First Giant Social Networking Site being Orkut
(Started on year 2004) has served lots and loads of people with a brand new term "Web Socialising" which Indians were not aware before! Orkut did a great Revolution.
In a Year or 2 it got such a wonderful popularity. Things were not same. Facebook, The World's Favourite Social Networking Site Now, which operated on US for 10 Major Universities before( during the launch) started establishing every where! Why Not Facebook made an entry into India.

Facebook is boring!:
What? "Facebook is boring"?? That's what indians say!
The world of orkut has influenced us so much!
People often ask me " How to Send Scraps in Facebook?"
The Orkut way of writing Scraps in Scrapbook is so much popular.

Whatever, Let Us Guess, Why Some Orkutters doesn't like facebook..


1. In Facebook, the default template is very professional, when i say professional, i mean to say, facebook uses very light colours, and major part of the facebook is filled with colour white. Some People Like This Kind of Very Formal Look while some don't. When the word "Facebook" is trending everywhere 5 out of 10 people wishes to have a look at facebook!

2. People who have used orkut extensively expects an advanced way of Orkut in facebook!
They wish to see everything, in the eyes of Orkut, certainly most of them doesn't like Facebook's theme at first. The First Impression would be something like this
First Impresssion:
Oh It so Lame, where is scrap book? where is MyFriends Option? where are the communities? i don't like this template, How to Change it?
Orkut is so colourful, I gonna switch back to Orkut! :)

3. I hate Facebook's News Feed!
Serious Orkut Users Don't want to see the Friends news feeds prominently in their home page, Some People wonder What is this! In My Homepage there is nothing about me, it is all about my Friends!
In Orkut, News Feed is called as Updates, where the Updates Made by Friends will be updated in profile homepage but it is not as prominent as facebook news feed.

4. People are Crazy in receiving Testimonials and having more fans. Which is not Possible in Facebook.

There are Many Many More Reasons!

I will be soon writing on

1.Why Facebook is better than Orkut
2.Why Orkut Users Like Facebook

in my upcoming posts.

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