Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vodafone Dog is Back After Zoozoos.Happy to Help Soap ad by girl and vodafone Pug

We All Know How Popular Was Vodafone Zoozoos!
Zoozoos Were The Egg Faced Characters with its Innocent Acts Attracted Loads of People across the world! It Managed To Grab More Than 3,50,000 Fans in Facebook! in a few Months Period!
However, Some People Who Adored Zoozoos, gradually became disinterested in watching zoozoos(comment). May Be Du To Intense popularity, all started watching Zoozoos, Some People Called Zoozoos as IRRITATING (negative comment) and some might Have Lost Interest in zoozoos knowing they are real Human Who masked with egg face...

Whatever The Reason Is, Zoozoos are the only Example Which You can give For Instant HIT!
after 30 zoozoo ads which telecasted on Telivision during IPL ads Vodafone Took a break for some Months, And It Is back with Vodafone Dog (Vodafone Pug) and Girl Advertisements once again!
Recently Vodafone Released 4 ads of Vodafone Dog and little Girl!

The Title of This Vodafone Pug Ad is Happy to Help- Soap
Soap?? Yes, The Theme of the Ad is Soap, The little Girl Who will be bathing near a river a cabin around her! Soap Just Slips Away From Her Hand while taking Bath, and Soap Jumps out of the cabin! Now Comes To The Scene Our Vodafone Dog! Vodafone Pug Runs towards the Cabin so cutely, so gently, with a helping Mind and Pushes the Soap into the cabin! The Girl Picks The Soap and Continues Her Bath!
The Cutest Part Here is When Soap Gets slipped from Little Girls hand & Vodafone Dog Pushing Forward! It is so adorable! At The End of ad, Vodafone displays something like door delivery Happy to Help

You Can Watch This Vodafone New ad Happy to Help girl Soap ad Video Here, Have Embedded The Youtube Video Here!

if the Flash Player Din Work You Can watch the Video Directly in Youtube

I will Be Putting other 3 Vodafone Pug Girl ads in Next Post.. Keep Reading My Posts :)

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