Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Orkut Ads are Irritating

Orkut is a child of Google, And Orkut has to obey whatever Google Says..
Google Adsense, as we know, The other child of Google Puts up whatever ads it has on Orkut. Google is assured that orkut gets Millions and Billions of Page Views Each Day!

Orkut ad Positions:
Orkut's advertisements are now appearing at the top most position of the page!
Just To Increase The Ad CTR! I was once Surprised When I saw some Image Ads which started appearing at Extreme Right Top of My Orkut Page Shifting the "My Friends" List One Step Down.

Gain for Google:
When There is Sudden Change in Ad Position, It is Expected that The New ad units will perform good. Since a Regular Orkut User will be adopted to The Earlier Template, When there is a change in ad Position, It Gives a Feel That There is a Template Upgrade or Something New, The User Obviously Tend To Click on These Ads. Yup, Ofcourse, More Ads Clicked is equal to More Money to Google!

Loss to User:
People Like Me. People Like You, One Who have Fed Up of Seeing this Google ads,(The ads showing Bharath matrimony, Amity, and others)( Whose Ad Design is of utter Low Quality ) If you ask me, It really sucks! Yes, It is a bad thing for us to see these big big ads in the top Right Position where our Favourite "My Friends" was appearing

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