Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why Our Eyes Speak?

A general statement about speaking of eyes that they never tell a lie .more eyes can tell about a person's intentions .like if anybody is in anger although he never shout but we can know his eyes expression .

i want to know how physics language explain this fact?
which rays are involved there who transmitt the message to next person?
are rays for grief' smile' crying ' etc are different ?
and how these rays are read by our brain?

it has nothing to do with rays. iris in you eye gets dilated and contracted based on your emotions. that is what you are identifying as language of eye

I can make my eyes tell lies.wanna test?

Its an impulse reaction; connected to state of your mind.
Have you ever noticed, Most of the movie (especially the Tele films') ; actors looks at you and not to the person who is infront; the rest looks squint; So does the paranoids
It sets off when you're self conscious, or, semi(sub conscious)

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