Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trust Breaker digg Hacks Your digg shortened urls

Have You Done Any URL shortening using digg??
Bad News for You,
whatever you have shortened using the the url like will be redirected to its original content before..
But Digg has cheated all of us!
This UnTrusty Digg forwards the url to its Landing Page of Digg if You are not logged in with your digg account!

Here are the Screenshots which you can understand the clear cheating of digg url shortner...
Have a look at the first Screenshot where the link is shown

When a Logged in Digg user clicks The digg link everything is fine and good...
Have a look at this screen shot: No Problem when a Logged in user of digg clicks on digg shortened url...

Screenshot 3: Here lies the Problem..when a person other than digg user clicks on the same link it lands on the digg landing page!! so that digg has cheated clean and clearly! now forget about whatever urls u might have shortened using the (till-now) famous digg, Cause it fails in redirecting to your original source page, if the clicker is not a digg user!!!!!!
Have a Look at this Screenshot when a non-digger clicks on digg shortened url

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