Monday, July 20, 2009

Amazing Tata Docomo Ads

We Must Appreciate TV ads which are very creative like this!
This Advertisement of Tata Docomo are creating waves every where!

It uses the logo Objects as a new theme!
The objects present(each letter in word docomo) dances in its own pattern.
The Video of Docomo Ads are Here...

The Original Docomo ad article is here

You Can download and watch all 5 Videos of DOCOMO TV ads here

Also Watch This Docomo ad

Here is The Youtube Video

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  1. brilliant ads by tata docomo...will no doubt recieve a lot of compliments and potentially customers too...seems like tata docomomhas given a lot of attention to the creative how well their website is made ( its got some great content like videos, ringtones, etc..check it out

  2. I personally found the sound track irritating... and sometimes they play it back to back, and then it starts to sound stupid ... all that 'duk duk duk ... duk duk duk'

  3. i agree ..
    same with me ... it doesn't relate to the product in any way too .. they could have made the ad much more cooler