Saturday, August 8, 2009

Terrorism on Earth: What, Why and by Whom?

Terrorism on Earth: What, Why and by Whom
It is duty of all religious leaders to teach good lesson to its community and culture for peaceful co-existence and maintain harmony and peace in civilized Earthian human civilization. Killing of one human to another human is most uncivilized barbaric act on human civilization. Terrorism, bomb blast , killing , destruction are very easy lesson to follow but end result will never good .
For Example To convert one barren land on earth into civilized metropolitan city takes hundreds of years using constructive power and energy but if you want to destroy it using destructive force and energy it will take few minutes to wipe out entire building and metropolitan civilization using our destructive energy we have build-up. Why to follow the path of destruction when both force cannot able to produces same result , I mean to say can you able to build metropolitan city on barren land on earth within few minutes.
World terrorism is activated by some segments of human religions and spreading which was causing their own destruction. Take the lesson learned by Hitler self destruction who wish to wipeout whole Jews civilization from this earth and what happened history is the witness.
Change Management is good management practice and has to change our-self for good cause.
What is wrong pl read wikipedia & watch the FITNA movies

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