Monday, August 3, 2009

Software contributions from Indians

There are so many free tools available for so many various purposes in the online world. But how many are from Indians? I think though we have a large IT force that provides services to all over the world, mostly atleast in my experience of over a decade, the ideas and concepts are from the west, and we merely do the implementation, at a cheap cost, at usually high quality as well.
Of course this is only a general scenario, there indeed are excellent innovative ideas as well, but what do you say about the ratio of services versus innovation ?
So here I have made a humble beginning - this is a time tracking tool that is free for use, and should help a user to be more productive by being able to analyze how he spent his time over a week. Please have a look, and use the Issue Tracker of the site to post your feedback if any about it (not an obligation).
Anybody software engineers who want to start trying - and needs help - please feel free to contact me I may be able to attempt to support you in whatever modest way I can!

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