Monday, August 3, 2009

Loksatta is a political party started by Dr JP,IAS in 2006

Loksatta is a political party started by Dr JP,IAS
in 2006 after running 10 years of loksatta's people

on the formation of party DR JP said that this party
will not distribute liqour and money for votes and
proved the words in actions in the recent held elections
in AP.all the 249 contestants of the 294 constituencies
stood on the promise...Now the party is getting expanded
in karnataka,MH and UP

being so sincere there are no funds from the business
and other class people as they prefer to give their
black money and expect some thing in return , which loksatta
is agaist.

so the maximum funds for LOKSATTA are donted by
IT people and NRI's

the executive membership is rs1000 per year
as we need to run the rented offices in bangalore
the advanage of executive membership is
you can contest in the internal elelctions for
posts of president,general secretary etc.,.
btw DR JP though founder of the party was elected
by the karyakarthas of loksatta through secret
ballot system. Another interesting fact is
the contenders who stood against JP also acheived
good no of votes, whihc clearly shows the internal democracy.

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