Monday, August 3, 2009

Cannot Post Scraps in Orkut. Orkut posting limit.

Now There Exists Posting Limit for every Orkut User...
For any non friend you are only allowed to scrap not more than 15 scraps & also you would get image verification 2 to 3 times (Captcha). After sending 15 scraps you will be blocked from scrapping any more scraps. The only remedy to continue scrapping is add him/her as a friend and then continue. For the person who are your in your friends list you can only scrap 50 scraps after which your account will be freezed. In case if any orkut user tries to scrap multiple friends 50 scraps in less than 5 minutes then his/her account would be blocked temporarily for some time (generally about 12 hours).

Hope orkut will look into the matter and increase the scrap count.

before, orkut had allowed 500 scraps from a profile. Now the scarapcount was reduced eventually to 50. Realize the difference.


if you try to post one topic after another, the system will tell you to wait a few minutes before posting your next topic. Similarly, you can't reuse a topic subject when you post.

it sayz posting is temporarily disabled

Scraps? posting? or sending req?

Orkut Is Getting Worse Nowadays :|

If we flood our id with multiple Accounts Our id gets freezed...

In this time we can't scrap or post in Community...

What is the solution to send scraps in orkut to friends now?

I've found that in this time even we can't accept or reject friends + Can't Change Status Message or Update Profile :|

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