Saturday, February 21, 2009

Operations Research: A Notes Given By My Lecturer...

in the course of engineering, we have an option to choose our desired subject out of 5.. called as "elective" subject..
operations research! Yeah! i chose this subject!!!
i don't know how it's related to engineering field!.. it's truly about commerce maths, equations, where we must plot some graph at the end...

well, at this time(the time i am blogging) i have very limited knowledge!!!
i have attended only 2 to 3 classes.

Whatever!, i learnt some new concepts in OR!!!
I heard my teacher saying these three things often:
1.Objective Function
2.Decision Variables

Well let me define Objective function
(copying from notes!!) In most of the model there will be a function to maximize or minimize. This function is called objective function of the model!

Now Defining "Decision Variables"
Decision variables are values. These Values under our control influence the performance of the system!!

Now Defining "Constraints"
Restrictions on the values of decision variables are called constraints!!!

After all these, we solved some problems.. X,Y,Z!!
hmm lots more to tell about this crazy "operations research"!!
in my upcoming blog!

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