Friday, February 27, 2009

Eris is the Biggest Dwarf Planet Beyond Neptune.

Eris, the very biggest dwarf planet beyond Planet Neptune, is now at its furthest point from the Sun. At this distance Eris never gets very much sun light & any heating of Plutoid would be at a very minimum. However, the 2 recent observations of Eris 've shown a drastic and sudden change in the body's surface composition. Analysis of Spectroscopic suggests that frozen nitrogen has dramatically varied during the 2 years Eris had been at this furthest point in its orbit from the Sun. We can call this as very unexpected, there should have been a small change in nitrogen concentration at this point in its 556 year orbit..........

The researchers deduced from the comparison of the old data of 2005//2007? Lines of spectroscopic methane lines ve become diluted by a very high increased quantity of nitrogen. The 2005 results showed a more higher concentration of nitrogen near the surface, at the same time the 2007 results show a higher concentration below the surface. For a dwarf planet like Eris to demonstrate a very high rapid change in surface composition shall appear to show very high dynamic process is at work.

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