Friday, January 2, 2009


Hello, I'm Jewish too, and this guy is a paranoid fuck:

"1. Israel created and funded Hamas through the Mossad to damage the standing of Fatah and the PLO and it worked."

Partly true. Israel did not create Hamas, but they were funded partially by Israel, as they were by many UN countries, including the US. It really is neither here nor there at this point.

"2. Israel owns this country, the USA, lock, stock and barrel."

Paranoid ramblings and also very much not the case.

"3. Israel has the good fortune of violating UN decrees and resolutions more times, hundreds of times more, than ANY OTHER COUNTRY. Completely ignoring them without sanction."

Except the US, in the last 8 years at least. This guy didn't find his way out of the propaganda machine, he's only spinning around inside it.

"4. While calling for nuclear, or as Bush would say nucular, inspections in Iran and other countries they absolutely REFUSE to allow inspectors inside Israel."

Israel has never been asked, as a member in good standing of the UN.

"I could go on forever, and by the way I'm Jewish, "

Not so sure here.

"and there are 100s of 1000s of Jews that know the truth about the sociopathic Zionists. Those psychotic intellectual degenerates that run the world. Read Ha’aretz, a Jewish newspaper printed in Israel. These are good Jews that know the truth but can do nothing more than print their paper. The Zionists, the Jewish settlers have too much power within the government to be overcome."

Look, I'm no apologist for Israel, and I'll tell you this, having been there many times...

Those people are fucking crazy. All of them. Israelis, Palestinians, everyone. And as a friend in Tel Aviv once put it (pretty succinctly):

"When you believe you live in God's tomato garden, you're already crazy"

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